RE/MAX… The Leader in Training!

Since the very beginning, RE/MAX has aimed to attract the best brokers by giving them ample opportunity to succeed. In order to help our members perfect their knowledge and remain dominant on the market, we offer them integration best suited to their needs as well professional training and continuing education.

  • Integration

    All RE/MAX franchisees welcome newly recruited brokers on board through integration. RE/MAX Québec supports its franchisees with free training exclusively dealing with recruitment.

  • Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS).

    The Collège d’enseignement en immobilier (C.E.I.) offers college-level programs leading to an Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS) for adults interested in a career in real estate. The school also offers a continuing education program for brokers wishing to improve their knowledge.

    For more information, please visit the CEI website

  • RE/MAX University

    RE/MAX International has its own university – RE/MAX University – which provides training online, on DVD, CD, iPad and even on satellite TV.

  • Conferences

    Several thousand participants attend the international conference in Las Vegas each year. Brokers can enjoy cocktails and parties, and distinguished guest speakers are invited to reveal their professional and personal success strategies. Authorized RE/MAX International suppliers are also present. A special evening event is organized for Québec brokers only. On the menu, a cocktail party followed by an Awards Night where top brokers are recognized.

    In Each fall, the national conference brings together RE/MAX members from all across Canada, and features guest speakers, activities and networking.

    The provincial conference attracts over 1,300 people in a friendly atmosphere, providing RE/MAX Québec members with an opportunity to recharge their batteries, find out about market trends and network news, and make new acquaintances. Top notch guest speakers come to present their own personal accounts and a number of official suppliers and partners are on hand to meet with the brokers and offer their best products and services. It all comes to a close with a party where all participants and partners are invited.

  • Inter/MAX, the weekly newsletter

    One of the main information tools is Inter/MAX, a weekly e-newsletter sent to RE/MAX brokers. It contains many articles, both from contributors and from members of RE/MAX Québec Management, with updates on the network’s main news, and loaded with advice on marketing, advertising, legal matters, quality customer service and sales strategies.

    An essential tool for all brokers!