Quebec's leader
since 1982

RE/MAX makes up
30 % of all brokers in Québec.

RE/MAX enjoys continuous growth, with more than 4,500 brokers in over 148 agencies.
Here is what makes our brokers so happy:

housing transactions
involving a RE/MAX broker
transactions completed
annually per broker
Average commission
per broker of
$ 145795

RE/MAX Québec - Province of Quebec - January/December 2021

No one
sells more
real estate than RE/MAX

When you join the RE/MAX network, you benefit from the worldwide recognition of our brand and 45 years of industry experience, and you become part of the most productive real estate network in the world.

The RE/MAX balloon logo next to your name instantly opens the door to more references and business opportunities.

Be a part of the network that combines trust with results!

(Sources: Comscore – Léger Marketing – OACIQ – RE/MAX Québec – Province of Quebec – January / December 2021)

RE/MAX Québec accounts for:

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    brand recognition
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    single visitors per month (average/month)

A Pioneer

RE/MAX has developed and defended major projects that have forged the real estate broker profession as we know it today.
Year after year, RE/MAX has taken the lead by redefining the standards of the profession. Here are several achievements we are particularly proud of :

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The Status of Self-Employed Person

Thanks to the perseverance of Pierre Titley, founding president of RE/MAX Quebec, real estate brokers were granted the status of self-employed persons in 1985. This change revolutionized real estate brokerage, with brokers now benefiting from very advantageous tax autonomy.

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With the help of tax experts and the RE/MAX-Quebec team, Pierre Titley was instrumental in setting up the popular Home Buyers' Plan in 1994, making it easier for all Quebecers to own their first home, and consequently increasing the number of potential transactions for RE/MAX brokers.

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Cash Damming

RE/MAX is the first real estate firm to set up a program that makes it easier for brokers and their clients to take advantage of this tax rebate. In fact, cash damming allows incorporated, self-employed people to use gross revenue from their business to pay down their personal mortgage faster, and consequently finance 100% of their operating expenses. Similarly, cash damming allows employees or self-employed people who own or purchase income property to convert non-deductible interest from the mortgage on their home into deductible interest

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